Ultrasonic Knife Cheese Cutting Systems

Make A Clean Cut with our State-of-the-Art Ultrasonic Knife!

Ultrasonic CutterCustomers, like you, can make a clean cut in overhead with the state-of-the-art Ultrasonic Knife Robotic Cell.  The Ultrasonic cheese cutting process involves a knife vibrating at the speed of sound producing a nearly frictionless surface to which cheese does not stick nor deform.  Quest has been able to master cutting many types of cheese, but our most impressive is feta because of how crumbly it is. Unlike other bulky processing equipment, all of this is completed within a small footprint saving you space.

With the Ultrasonic Knife Cheese Cutting System you can:

  • Change cut shapes and patterns instantly
  • Create more consistent cuts
  • Greatly reduce clean up
  • Have a wider cutting temperature range
  • Easily change over from product to product

Ultrasonic Knife Cheese Cutting Capabilities

  • Cut various cheese densities from wheels to blocks
  • Cut various cheese sizes from slices to pieces
  • Cut edges cleanly
  • Increase cutting speeds

The Ultrasonic Cheese Cutting Knife is Fast, Accurate, Easily Cleanable & Reliable and we know that it will help save you money!